This brand features exclusive tobacco for real shisha gourmets. It has been developed under the wing of Meduse, by its team of experienced shisha masters. 

While Meduse handcrafts globally unique designer hookahs, in the Medite laboratory we create tobacco flavours. They combine passion and interest with pure science, and this all results in perfectly refined and original blends.

Our shisha masters are crazy adventurers who set off daily to track down unrecognized flavours, choosy gourmets with tuned taste buds and alchemists mastering secret formulas of tobacco blending. Only thanks to these skills of shisha masters, Medite can be what it is: the top-quality Virginia tobacco with fine cut and natural amber colour, with characteristic clean organic flavour, ideal humidity and thick intensive smoke.

Funky Monkey

Coconut gives me no peace. Which fruit can form another unrepeatable combination with it? Heavy and sweet taste should be balanced out with something fresh and rather sour. We must not overdo this, otherwise the result won’t be perfect. Blood orange was the right choice in the end!

- Flavorik

Bora Bora

To find a distinct combination I headed off to French Polynesia. I searched every meter, inquired natives, took part in shamanic rituals. In the end, after a long travel, I got to vanilla plantations. And it is vanilla which dictates the resulting flavour of this blend. 

- Blendhunter

Grapes of Joy

Big challenges are what I love most. I took aim at the globally favoured combination of grapes and mint... A couple of experiments – and, according to my colleagues Blendhunter and Artisan, it has been a real success. Could it be that this mix is shooting for a Michelin star?

- Flavorik

Melbourne Gold

I had an aim, and this aim was rain forests in Australia. In impenetrable treetops of hundred-year old eucalyptuses you can absorb beneficial aroma of leaves. During bright nights I climbed massive trunks and gathered these leaves feverishly. It has resulted in this blend of quite new dimensions.

- Blendhunter

Parfume de la Meduse

I remember it exactly. I was having a rest on a terrace in Aix-de-Provence, salt air was streaming from the sea and the evening was turning honey-coloured. And then suddenly a deja vu. The likeable fragrance, and on the horizon a silhouette of girl riding bicycle. Fragrance of perfume of the world-class MEDUSE brand.

- Artisan

Chocolate tribe

I inhaled through nose a distinct bitterness of chocolate. In this bitterness I was able to recognize tones of vanilla, hazelnut and coffee. This blend includes chocolate produced from highly aromatic cocoa beans – delicacy par excellence entwined with coconut flavour.

- Flavorik

Cheri Lady

Cheri, cheri lady, Going through a motion, Love is where you find it, Listen to your heart…

Only through song you can flawlessly express emotions evoked by delight of a well done hookah. Grace, charm and passion of ripe cherries. All of this in one balanced blend.

- Artisan

Livingstone falls

Fate took me to wild Kongo this time. The unbridled atmosphere of the African continent! I have always desired to combine dense sweetness of ripe pineapples with piercing juiciness of kiwi. This mix is as sharp as a razor.

- Blendhunter

Pear Williams

I have decided to tame even the sweetest tones resonating in royal variety orchards. I let pears grow and sweeten towards their magnificence in the rhythm of my beat. The sweet and intense coda in conclusion is worth it!

- Artisan

Tahiti Lime

Waves of the Pacific hit cliffs of islands which are not marked in any map. These are the places where the strongest limes in the world grow. Their essence you will discover right in this blend.

- Blendhunter

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